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Chapter 3 The Dream

At one A.M in the morning on a Wednesday.

While Star is sleeping she then gets a weird dream.  Star is dreaming about a science lab with her rats and doing a presentation on curing any type of disease.  Then she hears something beyond the lab as she ask, “What’s that noise?” as she gets some weird vibe for a few seconds and then went back to the presentation.  After she is done with the presentation.  

Star went out of the lab from the west wing and notice some noise somewhere but she couldn’t figure out where it is coming from.  As she walks in the hallways and found an office that has her name on it.  Star looks at the door and walks closer.  The door starts to make weird sounds and glowing lights behind it.  As Star didn’t open the door she then tries to find away out of the building.  She sees a double door and Star opens it.

While Star opened the door she went outside and noticed that she isn’t in the Crystals Empire. It’s raining heavily and blowing hard from the east.  She is facing west as the building behind her not getting her wet.  As Star sees a road to the north and south she wonders which way to go.  She realized if the Crystal Empire is north west borders.  She would have to travel north to reach it.  The only thing is she doesn’t know where she is.

Star takes the road that leads north.  After she walks quite a few ways she’s getting rained on very hard, knowing that she wishes to stay in the building.  The sun is about to set at the west side as the day gets darker in the evening.  Star walks a sixteen miles and then slip on the mud puddle as she still getting rained on.  She looks up and sees an animal of some sorts. Star couldn’t get a glance of it but looks like a fox type as the tail was white.  

The strange animal sits outside of the puddle about one yard away and looks at her. Star eyes begin to blur just for a second and knowing she can’t see with all this rain.  The fog is about to spread.  As Star gets up she tries to get near the creature.  The creature ran in the east.  Star has a lot of mud on her chest, mane and tail.  She continue to follow the north road.

Real time one hour has passed.

Star keeps walking on the north road and it still raining hard at night within the dream.  As she sees another puddle.  Star stops at the edge of the puddle and looks at her reflection.  She could barely see as the raindrops making a bit of a splash.  As the clouds move it made a clear sky with the moon shine upon the ground. The rain has stop and then Star hears a growl sound.  She looks to the left and saw nothing but wet grass on the left side of the road.  

Star looks to her right to east and sees the white fox.  The fox is still facing the pony and then six seconds later it turns it’s head to the right trying to make it follow her.  Star heads over to the east as she gets curious about the white fox.  The mysterious fox tries to lead her to a cave.  

As they both head to the east the fox stops at a cave with lights.  Star looks at the cave and notices it’s cave lights.  She thinks that someone use to live here and notice a rug out of the cave that has welcome home sign on it.  The white fox goes in the cave trying to make star follow her.  Star follows the white fox inside the cave.  

The white fox rushed ahead further in the cave.  Star runs after it and when she sees there is another fox. Star open her eyes wide knowing that she is seeing another big fox and it looks like it’s not moving.  The fox is black and it’s bigger than the white fox.  When Star gets close enough to get a better view at the fox she stops running and pause for a moment and sits. The white fox is using it’s nuzzle trying to move the big black fox. The black fox has lots of aura around it.  

Real time one hour has passed.

Star is still in the dream world. As the black fox open it’s eyes knowing his eyes are blue and the white fox eyes are red.  However the black fox cast a magic spell and disappears.  The white fox and Star are the only ones left in the cave.

The white fox is trying to speak to Star knowing the white fox told her it isn’t good news.  The white fox runs to Star and went inside of her.  As Star gets cold while the fox went inside of her. Her eyes glow for a couple few seconds.  

As things gets blurry for Star, she close her eyes and while quite sometime within the dream itself. When time passes by. She open her eyes as she went back to the Crystal Empire.  However she still felt quite cold in her soul as she thought.

Real time one hour has passed.

Star is still in her weird dream world.  As she panic thinking that the fox took over her soul.  Star gets really cold.  She knew it’s time to get out of the cave of weirdness.  Star runs and heads back to the cave entrance and saw snow everywhere.  The black fox was also there as well.  So the black fox rip a dark hole on the left side of him and went into the dark hole as he vanish.

The white fox teleport Star to a castle in the dark forest of the Everfree. Star doesn’t know where she is or where the white fox teleport her to.  Star looks behind her and saw a big castle.  The white fox runs out of her soul and Star follows.  When they get into the castle the white fox sense the black fox dark powers.  The white fox follows the scent while Star goes with her.  After few minutes they both stop at the door and there are night guards guarding it.  As Star looks at the white fox it went through the door that had a crescent moon on it.  Star still follows the white fox but the night guards can’t see them.

Star went through the crescent moon door and saw both foxes.  She thinks that the animals are discussing something but can’t clearly understand them. The white fox turn it’s head to the left then she turns left and head for Star.  As the white fox went back to Star body the black fox went into this weird creature that had wings and a horn.  Star think it’s a some kind of pony but doesn’t have any knowledge.  Star hears a beep sound as the images blurs out.

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