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Education chapter 2 Second Day of School

Star Tech hears the alarm clock and then hits the alarm reset button. She yawns and stretches her arms and legs and then she woke up about six o'clock A.M in the morning. She gets out of bed and slowly heads to the basement down two floors. She fed the rats and give them fresh clean water. So Star Tech then goes upstairs two floors to get the bathtub.

As she gets to the bathroom she went to the bathtub and then grab the knob and turn it to the left. It took a few minutes to get the water warm. So by that time she grab her toothbrush and start brushing her teeth. She then checks the water and it finally is hot. She turn the knob a little bit to the right to make it more warm. After that while she is brushing her teeth then she put her hoof in the water and it was warm and then she plug the bathtub to fill it with nice warm water. After that she goes over to the sink and spits out mouth bacteria.

She then goes to the tub and gets in there, which is nice and cozy. As she thinks about what she's going to learn this school year and hope to succeed. She then grabs the soap and put it in her hair and washing it with water from the tub. After she is done with washing herself she gets out of the tub and dries off. Then she unplug the tub as the water gets drained. Star Tech goes to the mirror to comb her hair. After that she went down stairs to make herself a lunch for school.

As Star Tech looks at the refrigerator to make herself a lunch for school. She grab four pieces of bread, two sliced swiss cheese, some banana peppers with lots of lettuce and poppy seed dressing. She grab the pepper spice from the top shelf and put it on both top bread pieces, then she put banana peppers with the lettuce. Then she put the slice swiss cheese on top of it with the poppy seed dressing as she squeeze from the bottle. After that she put the two sandwiches in her lunch box and then put the poppy seed dressing back in the refrigerator.

As she takes her lunch and went outside. She saw her friends from the other day. Fruit Sweets and Flora Glow. Those two friends live close to Star Tech's home. Flora Glow and Fruit Sweets are neighbors farther south of the Crystal Empire. So we wave and said, "Hi." while laughing together about the yesterday jokes with Jubet and Roulette.

So they walk to school together and catch up with her other friends Honey Basket, Cotton Sugar, and Flute Melody at the school grounds. Once they all made it to the school grounds they said, "Hello." And talk about news and how exciting it may be. They go to their lockers and get all the books, folders, and journals for the upcoming classes.

Every pony gets to their class. Star Tech, Flora Glow and Honey Basket are in the same class. For Cotton Sugar, Flute Melody, and Fruit Sweets are in the same class but in a different classroom. Star Tech and other ponies in the school waiting to start their second day of classes. The English pony comes in and then the principal gives announcements on the speakers, "Hello welcome to your second day here at the elementary school. I wish you good luck in your studies."

As every pony stand and salute and look at the Crystal Empire flag. They say their anthem for the crystal empire. Then they sit back down in there seats. The English teacher known as Kitty Bar and her assistance Flop Coat. The assistance wasn't here yesterday because he just transfer from Canterlot. Although it's going to be hard not to fall asleep in class, like Jewel Shine over there.

Kitty Bar is about to take role call. She calls out Air Bronze: as she raise her right hoof with a smile, "Here."

Aura Clint: Raise her left hoof real fast in an excited way with a smile, "Here."

Azura Neo: Didn't raise her hoof, "Here."

Brandie Low: As she looks conservative, "Here."

Doughnut Row: He raise his left hoof low as he complains, "Here."

Duke Row: As he didn't raise his hoof, "Here teacher over here."

The teacher looks carefully knowing he's in the back row on the far right, "You know you could raise your arm so I know where you're sitting."

The teacher gets back on track.

Flora Glow: Raise her right hoof, "Here."

Honey Basket: Smiles and waves right hoof, "Over here."

After that the teacher calls on Jewel Shine, but however she still sleeping. Every pony points where Jewel Shine is. Then the Teacher call four more ponies named Nora Life, Orion Norway, Plus System, and Rye Snoot.

Then the teacher calls Star Tech. She stood up as it was like a presentation, "I'm here." she happens to be in the back row on the far left. On the left of her is Orion Norway. One of the hottest stallion in the school. Other good looking stallions are Plus System and Nora Life. They both wear glasses but they have nice professional ones and that's why they look good with glasses. However I never seen them without their glasses, but I'm sure they're pretty tight.

Kitty Bar knows that every pony is here. Now she can get a basic worksheet for them. She gave them ten words to memories. The teacher then tells them to study this week and can only take the test three times. Jewel Shine was still sleeping and then Star Tech looks at the piece of paper that was brought up from the front of the class. (too, would, to, the, their, they're, there, wood, ping, whinny.)

After that all the ponies grab partners to study with. Nora with Orion, Flora with Star & Honey, Plus with Rye, The two brothers Doughnut and Duke, Aura with Azura and Brandie. Jewel sat there while sleeping at her seat with drool all over the desk.

When time has passed to eight o'clock AM, the bell rings. The students gets five minutes for the next class. After that the science teacher walks in. Every pony gets back to their seats after the four minute break which, leaves them one minute to spare. His name is Cloudy Rain. He wears glasses just like the math teacher Shin Lore second grade teacher. Cloudy Rain tells them to get their books out and open it to page ten and do the questions. Ponies nod there heads. So all of the ponies get out the science book and open it to page ten and it has at least six questions. The teacher told them they didn't have to do the fifth or sixth questions. Just the vocabulary and one through four questions. The ponies did more work and writing notes down so they can use the notes if they need for the test if they failed once.

Cloudy Rain hears snoring on the front left side seeing a pony is sleeping and a lot of drool on the desk. Cloudy Rain took some drool samples to see why Jewel is tired all the time.

As time passed by all the ponies finish their work. The bell rings at nine o'clock A.M but they have a half hour left.

Some ponies are studying and some are talking about their future talents.

Rye Snoot and Plus System wanted to become writers, Star Tech wanted to learn space and planets, Flora and Honey wanted to learn everything about plants. Air, Aura and Azura wanted to be merchants, doughnut and duke wanted to make the best fashion design, Orion wanted to be a doctor, Jewel and Nora wanted to make a business.

After thirty minutes was up it was now nine o'clock A.M. The ponies get a five minute break.

Star Tech goes to her locker and grabs some of her math notes. She has been studying this kind of stuff when she was a kindergarten on her summer break.

When Star Tech gets a flashback of her memories.

In the year 1994, May thirty first on a Tuesday.

The Crystal Empire had heavy rain with mild winds. Star Tech was watching the rain as it pour all over the Crystal Empire. She stares at the window and wonders on what kind of cutie mark she will have. Her parents looked at her and see that she is sad. They told her that there's going to be hard stuff later in the future. They knew it is time for her to get to work on these first, second and third grade assignments and practice for her upcoming future. After months of studying she knew all first through third grade assignments.

Back to the present in the year 1995, April fourth on a Tuesday

The math teacher comes in and takes role. After she was finished taking role she told them to open your math book to page twelve and do the problems two through thirty evens only. So the ponies go to their usual partners. After they get a worksheet that helps them how to add. They got like fifty problems in one sheet. The ponies still were in the same partners. As time has pass it's now ten o'clock A.M. They all turn their work in the third period worksheet file. Except Jewel, she's still sleeping.

One of the teachers came in and tell someone to make Jewel go to the infirmary. The teacher points to Star and System. So they both carry Jewel to the infirmary. As they carry Jewel out of class and went to the left hallway and then head upstairs to the first floor. They totally went straight into four section of hall ways. They happen to go turn right as it leads to a hallway with a sign. As system and star looks up at the medical sign they knew they were in the right place. As System knocks on the door while Star is holding her with both of her hooves. As Jewel drools as she's sleeping. The doctor opens the door and let them in. After they dropped off the student they went back to their class for drafting.

As they both got back they knocked on the door and the teacher let them in. The teacher had to introduce to them twice because of Star and System weren't there. Her name is Shine Penny. She is a pink mare with blond mane, her eyes are cyan blue, her tail is medium length like seventeen inches long, and she has one medium braid on each side right at the end of her bangs.

Shine tells the ponies that blueprints will help you to make better crystal houses and make them fancy. Not only that but to have room when you make a crystal house. She keeps explaining it even further and the ponies are listening and kept them getting interested on their future. After the teacher showed some blueprints and talks about it more the bell rang at eleven o'clock A.M.

Star Tech and the rest of the first graders in the room got up and went to the lunchroom to eat. As they line up to the door. Star Tech is in the middle of the line with her friends. Then the teacher dismiss them. Star with Honey in front of her and Flora behind her. As they got to the cafeteria. The ponies grab their lunch card and wait for their turn to get their food. Star gets curry and sit with Honey. As Flora got her flower sandwich she sits next to Star on the right knowing Honey is sitting on the left of her.

As Cotton sitting across from Star. Flute is sitting on the right side of Cotton and Fruit is sitting across from Flora.

Their discussion is about the new prince for the crystal empire. The ponies didn't know who the new prince is yet. As they keep talking during lunch when Star finishes her curry she put the tray like everyone else by the kitchen counter on the far right of the place where they clean the dishes. A few ponies were cold lunch as they brought their food. When the bell rings at noon. The few ponies put the lunch trays by the kitchen counter while the others putting away their lunch box in their locker. Star, her friends, and other ponies go outside for recess while the second and third graders go back inside the school to have their lunch.

Star is thinking of the rats in her lab. She wonders if their doing fine as she keeps thinking to herself, knowing her friends are waiting outside at the playground. When star went outside most of the ponies play on the swing sets while the others lay down on their back because it was too hot. It's bit of a wind chill of four percent and clear skies as the sun brings heat to the crystal empire.

Star went back inside the school and most of the ponies also went in too because of the heat. So star went to talk to her friends while they wait for the next class. Most of the ponies went for the drinking fountains.

Star and her friends went to the library as the other ponies sit in the hallway doing their homework. They get to the library to get some books to read. Then they study till the bell rings.

The bell finally rings at one o'clock P.M. Now they have to get to the next class at one o-five P.M.

The ponies went to their lockers and grab another folder, sharpen their pencils. As Star and her friends left the library and went to class. There was a black pony in the library. It's a colt that has red eyes, a horn, a dark grey fur coat, his mane and tail is black.

Star and her friends gets to the room for their class. As they get in their seats the class starts. History teacher walks in and introduce herself. She is a pony of a pink coat fur with blue eyes, she had deep hazel color for mane and tail with two yellow strips on the far right. Her name is Cloak Haven. She is a unicorn like her sister that teaches the math class and her name is Invisible Haven from third hour.

As Star sitting next to Plus in the third row in this class and other ponies mix some seating.

The History passes out the books for each row. After they pass the history books to the back rows. Cloak told them to turn to page five and start doing vocabularies. After the bell rang it is now two o'clock P.M. Star and her classmates went out of the room to get drinks and go to the lockers to get more stuff for the next class.

Star is still at her locker while everyone else left their lockers to get to the next class. She takes a few things for the next class and went back to the same room for life skills. She made it with two minutes left of the clock. Star grabs a seat in the first row because she is almost late and everyone went in early.

As the bell rings for the next class Star sees the teacher on the far left just walking in. She saw a weird pony from before in the library. Star looked at it once more she realize it's a stallion. The teacher looks so young. The young stallion told them that he's age twenty seven and working in friendly relationships with the students. As the teacher introduce himself his name is Hypothesis Malone.

Hypothesis explains for a half hour discussing it with the students. Then the ponies had a half hour of free time.

The bell rings at three o'clock P.M.

Every pony gets ready for the final class at three o-seven P.M.

As everyone gets to their seats, Star is talking to Plus about geometric shapes and mathematical. However Plus agrees in most of the geometric shapes and some mathematics. He mostly thinks it's important to use shapes for a good home as well with the math structures.

As the teacher walks in she had glasses, red color mane and tail with purple eyes, her color fur coat is yellow. After she sat down, the teacher then took role. The teacher now introduce herself, her name is May Ruby. Even though Nora Life open his eyes and sees the cutest teacher he had ever seen. Everyone drop their mouths and looked at the teacher.

Nora Life asked how old is she. May Ruby laughs and told them she's only twenty four. Everyone is thinking how she became a young teacher. May Ruby talks about reading and telling them what they're going to learn.

As the time flies by it's now four o'clock P.M. School is now over for today. Everyone gets out of the classroom and star is the last one to leave the room. It was crowded in the hallways as everyone was prepared to go home.

Star and her friends were the last ones to leave the building after they got their stuff out of their lockers. Star told her friends that she is going back home to feed the lab rats and give them water. So every pony separated and head to their own house. Star, Fruit, and Flora go southwest to get home. While Flute, Cotton, Sweets went northeast to get home.

As time pass by it's now four forty eight P.M when star gets home. She went down stairs and fed the rats and gave them water. Then she went back upstairs to study for the upcoming future test.

Two hours has past. Star looks at the clock and it's almost seven o'clock. Some pony knocks on her door and said her name four times. Star walks to the door as the pony that knocked is about to leave since she think nobody's home. Star opens the door as Fruit turned and walked five steps as she calls her name.

Fruit turns to the right and looks at Star. She knew she was home as she smiles. Fruit wants to invite Star to a tea party with Flora since Cotton and the others are busy. Star agrees she has the time to go to the tea party with her two friends. As Star and Fruit goes to the Sweet's house, Flora was already there sitting at the table with a teacup. Fruit opens the door for Star as she sees Flora sitting at the kitchen table.

As they enter the house. Star goes to the kitchen with Flora as Fruit closes the door and heads to the kitchen. As Star sits down and waits for Fruit to get in the kitchen. Star and Flora had a small chat going on about the new prince. As Fruit gets to the kitchen and sits down with them and discuss more about the prince.

As they talk about stuff for two more hours it is time that Star and Flora need to go home so they both said goodbye and head off to their homes.

Star tech gets to her house and went to the basement to give the rats more water and food before she goes to bed. After that she went up two floors to use the restroom and wash her hands. Then went out of the restrooms and head to her room. Star unfolded the bed sheets. Then she gets on the bed and tuck herself in and sleep.

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