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Education chapter 1 Elementary School Beginning of the Year

No one knew who was the first pony that was born, not even the teachers knew. Not even the dragons, griffons, ponies, pegasus or even unicorns. It has been all a mystery. As life goes on a new creature will arise to tell them the story of the first creature that came to this land of Equestria.  Knowing it's April third in 1995.  In the crystal empire is where the story begins. It's where a pony that has a really big dream to become an archaeologist, chemist, and mathematician.  At a medium sized house, down in the basement where there is a pony who is studying creatures.

She had seventy lab rats and lots of tools. None of the rats had recently died in her most experiments. What have this pony accomplish? A few things breeding rats and rats personalities. She wasn't ready to do medicine yet, as she doesn't have the talent yet, or have the talent to complete a theory equations.

She heard a buzz noise knowing that she would be late for school. She went upstairs to grab something to eat in the fridge and had an apple or two.  Then she made her lunch it was only just a p & j sandwich.

Then she walks outside and stretches, then she saw her friend's passing by to go to school. Her friends waving hi and then they walk to elementary school together. As they went in the school they all were just a bit twelve minutes early. So four ponies went to their lockers and grab what they need for there first class. The first class is English they all got what they need at their lockers. So they grab their folder for English and then a journal to write in.  They already have their pencils waiting in the class room. So they went back to their class room with two minutes to spare. Then they take their seats to get ready for class to start.

A unicorn pony comes into class, she's tan, with yellow and red mix hair with cyan eyes.  She then starts the class for English by introducing herself first.  Then she tells the students on what to know about adverbs and adjectives and then she moves to the next of subject of class for pronouns and nouns.  All of the students were taking notes on the first day of English class, with a nice mare unicorn.

As they continue learning adverbs, adjectives, pronouns and nouns they have three minutes left of class. Still most of them were asleep because of wake up morning call, In that moment of three minutes left of class since it's almost about eight o'clock A.M.  The teacher walks out of class to grab the next teacher, but she went back and tell them to be ready in five minutes for next class.  Then she went to get the next teacher pony.

Filly & colts go up and get ready for the next class. Some went to the restrooms, got a drink from the drinking fountain, some of them talk in the hallways, but they were quiet for the upper elementary classes.  As the fillies and colts went back to class with one minute to spare.  As they went to there seats a science teacher comes in.  He had brown hair and he was a bit tan, but a little darker than the last one.  It was a stallion with blue eyes.  

The stallion talks to them and then tells them about himself. The teacher open a science book to page five.  The students are learning about the ego system. So the teacher is talking and making them learn a thing or two on how it works.

After a forty five minutes of talking about the ego system and how it works they all have five minutes of spare time to talk.  As the science teacher walks out and gets a math teacher.  As it is close to about nine o'clock A.M ponies get a five minutes to prepare for the math teacher.  So they all go to their lockers and get out the next folder and a math notebook to write something in.  As they go back to the room and find their seats. With a few minutes to spare.  They talked in the room but they weren't too loud.  The math teacher comes in. She happens to be an unicorn. The unicorn tries to get their attention as she introduced herself.  She had a bit of a light purple hair with a light blue strip highlight.  She also had purple eyes.

As the teacher gets ready, she tells them, “Are you ready.”  The ponies nod their head yes.

As the teacher explain what numbers are, she also taught them how to add and subtract. She goes over the curriculum and telling them what you’re going to learn in first grade.

After the teacher gave them something to do. She gave them a fun sheet to do.  She explains what it is and then she smiles in a happy way.   After the ponies start making art numbers on a piece of drawing paper.  As they draw on that piece of drawing paper the time went fast and close to ten o'clock A.M. The bell will ring in a few minutes.

After the bell rings at ten o'clock A.M.  The ponies get a short five minute break. Sense it is Monday after all, the art teacher comes in the school to teach art in first grade.  After the ponies got back to class and get in their seat.  The art teacher knocks on the door and is ready for the preparations for the art class to begin.

The art teacher notice that they did some drawing of numbers and is really shocked on how amazing they did. The art teacher then explains them that there is other arts stuff that we will be doing this year. Such as crafts, paintings and many more to come by.  The art teacher is helps them out of the meaning and the concept of many arts that are out there.  She tells them on how beautiful that art is.  After an a few minutes the art teacher tells them to grab a piece of paper to draw something cool while they wait for the bell ring.  She told them it can be anything that comes to mind.   Most of the ponies draw flowers and some castles.

After time passes by.  The time went really fast while they had fun.  Then the bell rings eleven o’clock A.M.  The first grade and kindergarten eats lunch first while the second and third grade were outside on the playground.  

Star Tech goes in line with the other ponies that are at the end of the line. She sees that the kindergarten are in line first.  So she gets to eat last with all the other first graders.  Star Tech wonders.  She is thinking about how big the line is and she estimated about one hundred and twenty ponies.  For second and third grade they had about one hundred and twenty eight ponies.  So that's about two hundred and forty eight ponies that goes to this school.

The school’s name is Chipped Crystals elementary school. As Star Tech gets closer to the Student lunch card.  She grab it with her left hoof and still waiting in line.  After waiting in line she gets to the cash register. She pays the stallion for two bits for curry ticket.

Star Tech goes to get the food and turns in the ticket to the lunch mare to get her food,  she ask for extra curry soy sauce on the side. The lunch mare remembers Star Tech from kindergarten back in 1994, August first on a Tuesday, but Star Tech was five years old back then.  She ask on the first day of lunch.  

“Do you have any extra soy sauce?” As she smiles.

“I never thought any pony at that age would like soy sauce to begin with. But I guess it’s only that pony.  But a year has past, now she’s a first grader,” As she puts on a beautiful smiles.

Back to the present.

As Star Tech goes to a table to eat her food with her friends. They chat and give out news on what’s going on. All of her friends including herself couldn’t find a special talent yet. All of the kindergarten and first graders didn't know what their talents were.  So most of the ponies were curious to find what they are and how they can reach it.

After they spend an hour of eating and talking the bell rings and then it was time for the kindergarten and first graders to play outside.  While the second graders and third graders go and eat lunch.  Star Tech was the last one to go outside. The temperature was fifty five degrees Fahrenheit with a wind chill of seven, partly cloudy with a seven percent chance of rain.

As Star Tech goes outside, she saw her friends that are first graders.  Her friend’s name are Flora Glow, Cotton Sugar, Honey Basket, Fruit Sweets, and Flute Melody.  So they play on the playground and lay on their backs. They talk and telling jokes till the bell rings. When the bell rings they all said goodbye and went home.

Star Tech is the last one to go home she still laying on the ground thinking about what to do. The sky is so beautiful with clouds and the sun ray that isn’t too hot today.  Star Tech gets up a few minutes later. She thinks that it’s time to feed the rats. So she walks back to her house and goes to the basement to feed the rats.   Few minutes later someone knocks on her door.  Her mother open the door. It was Honey Basket that wanted to invite Star Tech to her tea party with her other friends.

Star Tech mom nods her head and told her, “She’s in the basement working on a powerful project. You should tell her to take a break once in awhile,” As Honey Basket nods her head and goes to the basement stairs it looks very dark with dim lights.

As Honey Basket goes down the stairs she saw someone in a lab coat with goggles. It scared her just a bit.  She said hello in a slowly nervous way.

Star Tech told her in a sensitive way, “Please do not touch anything. This is serious research stuff.” She then gives her goggles, hoof gloves, boots and a white sturdy lab coat for safety precautions.

As Star Tech is doing busy stuff. Honey Basket has ask Star Tech to come over for some tea.  Star Tech said, “Sure why not.”  Then she explained that she needs to give them water and more food before she goes to her house.

Honey Basket takes off all of the equipment and gave it to Star Tech.  After she gave it to her she then went up stairs and went home.

Star Tech clearly put more water in the medium size water cylinder tank for the rats to drink. Then put lots of rat food in their medium rectangle dish. After that she takes off her equipment and put them in the laundry basket with the other equipment. Then she goes upstairs to wash her face and her hooves. She then went outside of her house and went to honey basket house.

It was at least almost a half hour to get there by walking.  So Star Tech went from the south end to all the way to the north east end. Honey Basket lives over on the far north east side of the crystal empire.  When she arrived at her house she knocked saying it’s me your friend Star Tech.  

Honey Basket said in a serious look, “What is the password.”

Star Tech gets confused on the subject at hand and told her that there was no password to begin with.

Honey Basket looked at her and told her in a curious way, “Oh.  You may proceed.”

While she open the door Star Tech saw a her other friends Flora Glow, Cotton Sugar, Fruit Sweets, and Flute Melody.  There were two more ponies that she never seen befor and Honey basket introduce them.  She told her that those two are from Canterlot and there her cousins however they do like to make jokes here and there.

As they all sit down in the kitchen to get to know each other a little bit.

Flora Glow had light green skin with purple mane and tail. Her eye colors are pink.  She always like flowers such as roses, tulips, and daffodils. She's an Unicorn.

Which brings up Cotton Sugar.  She likes candy and sweets.  She can be hyper sometimes,  but she does some comedy to make us laugh.  Her skin color is light blue, her mane and tail is magenta color.  Her eye colors are deep sea blue. She's the Earth pony.

Fruit Sweets had a dark red color skin with burgundy eye colors. Her mane and tail color is black.  She likes equestria games and outdoors. She's another Earth pony.

Flute Melody likes music but some songs can get stuck in your head for a while.  Other than that her skin color is purple with a color of dark blue hair and tail.  Her eye colors is yellow.  She's a Pegasus.

Honey Basket cousins names are Jubet and Roulette.  They both had yellow eyes but they both had different hair style, skin, and tail color. Jubet is a white pony with black mane and tail with a two pink stripe highlight down the left side of the mane. For the tail the highlight is on the right side. She's a Pegasus. For Roulette skin color is more of a dark brown, hair mane and tail color is white.  She's an Unicorn.

As Honey basket Makes some tea in the kitchen Star Tech is about to introduce herself to Honey Basket cousins.  

As Star Tech talks she said, “I have royal blue skin with blond hair and tail, my eye colors are pink and i'm a Unicorn.  I like studying and researching .”

Honey Basket pour the water into the teapot and use a bag of green tea.  She then put the teapot on the stove to make it hot.  As ponies are still in the kitchen they all laugh from Jubet and Roulette side jokes.

A few minutes has past and the tea is ready to drink. As Honey basket sees the teapot steaming with a loud sound. She walks to turn off the stove and made it sit there for a few seconds to cool down. She went and grab eight tea cups and put the them on the table. She then went back to the teapot and grabs it with her mouth and then heads over to the table. Honey Basket put the teapot in the middle of the table and let Star Tech pour the tea to the tea cups with her magic.

The ponies said, “Cheers.” They all took a sip of their tea and talk some more about the crystal empire and other news.  After it got to like about five o’clock  P.M.  Star Tech was thinking on checking the rats again.

Everyone was thinking about going home as well.  So Flute Melody, Sweet Fruits, Cotton Sugar, Flora Glow; said, “Goodbye.” Then told her that the tea was good and then went home.

Star Tech talks to Honey basket, saying that the tea is good and so was the party.  As she also said, “Goodbye.” and then went home.  It took an hour when she got home because she walked from her friend's house to her home.  When Star Tech got home it was about six o’clock P.M.  She went into her house and went straight to the basement to check on the rats.  She then put more food and gave them fresh water.  After that she went upstairs to wash her hooves and then fetch something to snack on.

Then she played with her dolls for at least two hours.  Then time has passed and it was eight o’clock P.M.  She went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and then took a bath for about a half hour.  After the bath she combed her hair. Star Tech left the bathroom and head to the second floor to go to bed. Her parents aren't back from there trip yet.  So she tucked herself in and sleep.

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