EqU's Grand Opening Gala Today 15th of April

15th of April 2017 marks the grand opening day for EqU and we are proud to announce its full permanent opening for all that wish to come and visit and try out this pony RP community that has been alive for 3 years. Meet other wonderful members and see what is on offer. We have a forum, blogging area, chat, 5 profiles per account for those multiple pony rpers, Gmod and Ponycraft (Minecraft) servers, and a fully functional store for selling arts of all types. There's also a discord server with a custom fully functional CelestiaBot. We hope you will come for a look. If you enjoy ponies, roleplaying and finding new friends in a great all in one place community then roll on down check us out!


EqU's main site


EqU's discord server 



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