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Welcome to the forums for EqU a little bit of history and ideas behind this place

Salutations and welcome to the forum area for EqU as you can see there is still works going on abouts here but indeed we are open for business and encourage you to try out and enjoy all that EqU has to offer. It has come to our attention that many do not actually know what we are or do here so allow us to clear this up. We are a herd/community made about four years ago first with just some friends for the intention of playing pony themed and rp styled games such as Mc and Gmod. In achieving this to our normally high standard we set out to make a place to chat and post things so we got a SFM forum and chat set up and running well till we took a break for our next plan. To get ourselves our own dedicated super server that we could set up in a datacenter and set up what we had with the forum chat and game servers. Little did we know that what we had and did here spread and seemed that others were also interested in what we had to offer. Factoring this in we made some changes and started devaloping this you see now EqU.Rocks that is a group of sites and servers all from the one main server in the datacenter. Which includes EqU.Rocks Chat.EqU.Rocks Media.EqU.Rocks and when started and running something like Games.EqU.Rocks as well. We have a fully setup and running Discord server with our own custom TiaBot that has many features like music dj and even music streaming as in an online music radio stream images searching and Rp features like boops, Glomps, Hugs, and others as well. Our main thought behind this setting we have here is we know that some like forums others blogging and others a chat so all these features have been incorporated into EqU for the use and benefit of all. 90% of all things here are free even ad free but there is for those who feel like they want the extras we do have here and is also a way we can continue running all of this well into the future and even grow and move onto bigger projects and offer more for more users here. Can in fact acquire the premium we have that is $10 a month showing discounts for the 6 month and 12 month packages all of the extra benefits being laid out in a future post. We do hope that we have been able to show some of what EqU is and what we have been trying to accomplish here in a place for bronies and pony rpers alike. That enjoy what they do and want a age open friendly place to pony, pony, pony, without any worries or thoughts of anything not benefiting our cause to happen here. we're always available and if ever needed for anything even a casual chat you will find us reachable thru the Discord or EqU chats being the fastest. Or one can send us a mail and will be more than happy too we thank you for your time in reading this and hope you will enjoy your time here thank you. 

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