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We've hid in the darkness for many years, We shall rise and begin the revolution.

Have a Spoopy Halloween
Everybody do the flop *flops*
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Tell me what your favorite song is, It can be pony related or not.



(Please do not fill up the comments with all of your music, Just one at a time)

Take me down to Pony Paradise where all the ponies are friendly and the cakes are good
I've been up playing overwatch last night .-.
I've been up playing overwatch last night .-.
Listening to alot of Rock lol
So "Today was a good day" Untill i started "breaking the habit" so i "break" away quick, But i do "Feel Invincible" but you wouldent be able to "Read my Poker face" in a "World so cold" i'm not a "Freak on a leash" and i will not get "Down with the sickness", No need to start a "Riot" Its "Never too late" but i'm only "One step closer" to "A Thousand Miles".
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