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My name is derpyNJhooves from Legends of Equestria... I'm from 2014, but I drop my password in the garbage somewhere by accident. I just don't know what went wrong...  

We are offering commissions at discounts for EqU members

We are offering commissions at discounts for EqU members.  premium members get 50% off all commissions plus one free commission a month with an active membership.  Non-premium members get 25% off all commissions.   2D image animations, Music, and other digital offerings feel free to message me about your desires if it is possible or not, do not forget this is mainly an offering for the members of EqU thank you,  

Chapter 4 Doze Off

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Star still hears the beep.  She opens her eyes and looks at the clock.  It’s said five A.M as alarm is still ringing.  Star use her right hoof and click on top of the loud alarm clock.  Her mane is all mess up.  As she gets out of her bed and heads to the mirror, she then looks at herself, knowing she giggles at it. Then she goes down two floors to the basement while she’s half asleep.   After that, she got her lab coat, her boots, gloves, and goggles.  She puts them on and heads to the lab with all the rats. When she first went in the lab she turn on the dim lights on her left then takes a bucket on her left and then head over to the sink.  She then fills it up with water, then she grabs th

Chapter 3 The Dream

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At one A.M in the morning on a Wednesday. While Star is sleeping she then gets a weird dream.  Star is dreaming about a science lab with her rats and doing a presentation on curing any type of disease.  Then she hears something beyond the lab as she ask, “What’s that noise?” as she gets some weird vibe for a few seconds and then went back to the presentation.  After she is done with the presentation.   Star went out of the lab from the west wing and notice some noise somewhere but she couldn’t figure out where it is coming from.  As she walks in the hallways and found an office that has her name on it.  Star looks at the door and walks closer.  The door starts to make weird sounds and glowin

Education chapter 2 Second Day of School

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Star Tech hears the alarm clock and then hits the alarm reset button. She yawns and stretches her arms and legs and then she woke up about six o'clock A.M in the morning. She gets out of bed and slowly heads to the basement down two floors. She fed the rats and give them fresh clean water. So Star Tech then goes upstairs two floors to get the bathtub. As she gets to the bathroom she went to the bathtub and then grab the knob and turn it to the left. It took a few minutes to get the water warm. So by that time she grab her toothbrush and start brushing her teeth. She then checks the water and it finally is hot. She turn the knob a little bit to the right to make it more warm. After that while

Education chapter 1 Elementary School Beginning of the Year

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No one knew who was the first pony that was born, not even the teachers knew. Not even the dragons, griffons, ponies, pegasus or even unicorns. It has been all a mystery. As life goes on a new creature will arise to tell them the story of the first creature that came to this land of Equestria.  Knowing it's April third in 1995.  In the crystal empire is where the story begins. It's where a pony that has a really big dream to become an archaeologist, chemist, and mathematician.  At a medium sized house, down in the basement where there is a pony who is studying creatures. She had seventy lab rats and lots of tools. None of the rats had recently died in her most experiments. What have this pon

Just a small blog to make ponys aware of our decision to start doing music

For a few months now nearing the end of creating this wonderful place for others. We thought what could be a wonderful new challenge and goal for us then to start learning and making music. Based around the fandom and ponies in all areas of music being EDM Classical just to name a few. We also thought about some covers of songs and a new area that seems to be available for exploring and that is making musical stories. Mainly of ponies events and stories sounds very exciting. Anyway, we just thought it would be something nice to announce to you all thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have any thoughts or ideas we are always here thank you.  

A simple introduction/hello

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My friend Luna introduced me to here, so I joined in and am now saying hello. 


HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERY PONY!   Hope that your year hath been most enjoyable and fun and that the next 12 moons will bring you even more joy and happyness.  

Happy Hearths Warming Eve

We wish you all a fantastic hearth's warming eve from on the figurative moon here!   

Brief look at Racquel SilverSpirit and a test scene

Some pictures we thought you would like of Rac's new SFM model and some scene practise hehe enjoy. Front view   Side view   Scene practise