Сплоченность людей — нерушимая крепость
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We've hid in the darkness for many years, We shall rise and begin the revolution.

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Made a pony for any Brony and Pegasister with Autism: https://www.equ.rocks/page/view-group-profile?id=6

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Commission or gifts featuring the ling himself

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Art work of my only OC Nero Valkyrie 

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My name is derpyNJhooves from Legends of Equestria... I'm from 2014, but I drop my password in the garbage somewhere by accident. I just don't know what went wrong...  

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Tell me what your favorite song is, It can be pony related or not.



(Please do not fill up the comments with all of your music, Just one at a time)

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We are proud to announce that very soon the prizes and giveaways will be commencing on EqU

Good luck be to you all.



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Chillax and listen to the beats.
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Genre: Mare

Age: 22

Race: Unicorn

Body Color: Royal Blue

Mane Color: Tyrian Purple

Tail Color: Tyrian Purple

Tail Secondary Color: Pansy Purple

Eye Color: Lava Red

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