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We've hid in the darkness for many years, We shall rise and begin the revolution.

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This group is dedicated to all bronies & Pegasisters who are creative in writing MLP/EQG fanfiction and poetry as well as creating MLP/EQG fanart of any kind. Even non-creative bronies & Pegasisters can join if they want to. But no bad behavior.

Made a pony for any Brony and Pegasister with Autism: https://www.equ.rocks/page/view-group-profile?id=6

Commission or gifts featuring the ling himself

My name is derpyNJhooves from Legends of Equestria... I'm from 2014, but I drop my password in the garbage somewhere by accident. I just don't know what went wrong...  

Tell me what your favorite song is, It can be pony related or not.



(Please do not fill up the comments with all of your music, Just one at a time)

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